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Research Insight
through visualisation

Scientific hypothesis building using the many tools of visualisation


The YogaBase Project

Visualised Guide to the Science of Yoga

MA Project Knowledge Visualization (2020),

Zurich University of the Arts



Are you stuck with a scientific question?


Let me give you fresh ideas by generating insightful visualisations of the big picture.

Do you have the opportunity to submit a journal cover? Are you preparing a conference?

I create stunning cover and advert illustrations as well as article illustrations for you. 

Do you need to explain complex topics ?

Animation levels up the viewers' understanding by lively depicting entire scenes and mechanisms.

Are you writing an article or a textbook?


I create for you clear and appealing publication-ready infographics and graphical abstracts.

Do you want to express the spirit of your research group in an exclusive logo? Do you desire to establish your own web presence?


I design your logo, corporate design and website.

What people say

We had Anncharlott design us a poster that we've been very satisfied with. She took over the entire process from brainstorm with our partners through execution of design and she managed to create a poster that met all our needs and wants. She has my recommendations for both project management and design.

Johan Jansen 
Project Specialist
Novo Nordisk Fonden, Denmark