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Scientific Research
via Visualisation

Scientific hypothesis building using the many tools of visualisation


The YogaBase Project

Visualised Guide to the Science of Yoga


"Working with Anncharlott has always been most inspiring. She never gets tired of expanding her knowledge and I admire and share her passion for making science look beautiful."

Dr. Tina Koch

Tina Koch Science Communication

"With her scientific background and artistic abilities, Dr. Berglar was instrumental in capturing essential aspects of my research ideas. The drawings she produced were extremely useful to explain to collaborators and funding agencies key aspects of my long-term professional goals."

Dr. Andrea L'Afflitto

Assistent Professor,

Gallogy College of Engineering, 

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,

The University of Oklahoma

“Anncharlott designed some wonderful diagrams for a book I am co-authoring. This would not have been achievable had Anncharlott not had both excellent artistic skill and a deep knowledge of science. I was extremely pleased with the final results.”

Dr. Mark Sanderson

Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics
King's College London, UK