Animations being moving images can greatly improve the mediation of scientific contents. Especially when it comes to cellular and molecular ​topics, complex contents are easier understandable when supported with moving images.


Project for a WHO Pro Bono campaign for the fight against Covid-19: The importance of wearing face masks, 2020.

Mixed techniques, 2020.

The YogaBase Project 

Yoga’s popularity is rising in our culture. But people who have the power of truly integrating its practice into our system and to shift its reputation from esoteric to medically relevant, are often still sceptical. In this project, I am visualizing effect cascades on the body that are induced by yoga poses by designing a referenced database-type platform for scientists, physicians, yoga teachers and potential patients in the broad public. This tool shall help scientists identify research gaps, physicians discover complementary treatment possibilities, yoga teachers design ailment-specific classes, and provide patients or anyone interested with information on how to improve life through the practice of targeted yoga poses.

Mixed techniques, 2020